6 October 2022


Canadian Rights Watch is a grassroots organization founded with the primary purpose of helping our citizens reclaim their human rights and civil liberties denied them during the “pandemic”. 

We do this in various ways such as gearing our advocacies to include the encouragement of members to learn what it means to uphold the rule of law. 

CRW is also a crowd-funding, client intake team that serves our members through collaboration, education, and referral, relying on the best practices in business and people management skills to accomplish our missions. 

To those ends, we introduce different legal disciplines and healing modalities related to psychological wellness currently sought after by individuals and families who are experiencing anxiety, isolation, and depression on a scale never seen before the arrival of the Covid scandal. 

From employment, and constitutional, to family, and criminal lawyers, our team is able to refer our members to the right source to handle the numerous pursuits that are formulated in our contracted interactions with members. 

Today, CRW’s focus is to continue to build its Canadian membership amidst the assembly of numerous employment – human rights related cases that are being referred to appropriate lawyers.

After 19 months of planning, the Amalgamated Citizens Union, (ACU), has raised nearly $250,000.00 with the aim of funding litigation for medical malpractice, and “vaccine” injured-death related cases and so on.   

Canadian Rights Watch is managed directly by it’s shareholders with volunteer contributors. The principles are about to launch the sister company American Rights Watch TM. in the USA. 

On the media side, the team produces a show known as The Facts & The Fiction which features interviews with known medical, psychological & legal experts from around the world known to speak out about the current global state of affairs and the impact these issues continue to have on the people from various angles. 

Canadian Rights Watch are the Executive Producers in the release of “LOCK STEP”, an award winning documentary garnering 13 best film awards to date from around the globe. https://rumble.com/v14hy6b-lockstep.htmlknow


Professional legal consultations and attorneys at preferred CRW member rates


Monthly wellness support services and homecare support at preferred CRW rates


Travel consulting, including relocation services at a preferred CRW member rate.


Network with other members in the CRW community through scheduled zoom calls


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