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Many Canadians are currently facing a very challenging narrative set forth by the medical industrial complex. Because of the constant campaigning of misinformation and propaganda it has become increasingly difficult to make educated and informed decisions. We are a collection of legal and medical professionals dedicated to ensuring you get access to the right tools and resources to protect and preserve your right to freedom and choice.

We are currently establishing the infrastructure to be able to serve you to the best of our ability. This website is under construction and will eventually offer a variety of services including legal aid, mental health support, and travel opportunities.


The first step is to arm yourself with the right information. Take a look at our resources & become familiar with the tools you need to make an informed decision.


When you decide to take a stand against the common narrative you may feel isolated and alone. That's why we've started a community of like minded people who are fighting for their right to have a choice.


The only way we reach our goal is to take action NOW. Register for one of our live group calls where we outline the steps you should be taking take and provide you the support you need.

champions of truth

Unhindered minds survey the powers that be
What we find sure scares the hell out of me
In a world gone crazy
Where solitude is no saving grace

Darkest dreams couldn't foreshadow a day
When our means could all be taken away
With little provision, damned by the lies
And the game that's played

We must become advocates
Champions for truth
It's now become astonishing
The arrogance of their moves

The unabashed hypocrisy of their lies
Right before our eyes
We must become advocates
Champions for truth.

When greed's the motivator the truth is disguised
That state of that notion soon incites a divide
The actions taken
The numbers are in they don't justify

The new normal
The phrases we hear today Like
"Shelter in place"
"Flatten the curve".
This is a virus we can't avoid
And it will run its course
We cannot dissuade nature's way.