Canadian Crown Corporations Coerced Employees With Fake Vaccine Mandate

An excerpt from the original article written by Wyatt Claypool for The National Telegraph

“The National Telegraph has been granted access to regulatory information from federal employees claiming Canada’s vaccine mandates were implemented in a coercive and abusive manner but lacked the legislation to do so. They claim federal employees were coerced under threat of dismissal to be vaccinated without drafting the required legislation.

Tens of thousands of unemployed Canadians are currently without an income due to the Trudeau Liberal government’s implementation of a vaccine mandate and subsequent enforcement by provincial premiers like Doug Ford and Jason Kenney.

However, the Trudeau government which was championed by federal workers’ unions’ endorsements in the 2015, 2019, and 2020 elections has been enabling the coercive policies of executives at crown corporations and agencies targeting unvaccinated employees. Many federal employees complied with the mandate under duress due to the threat of termination. Some employees quit out of protest while others had their employment terminated. The abusive policies and rapid changes within the federal bureaucracy have yet to be challenged by any opposition party.

Few Canadians know, the mandates causing instability in Canada’s federal workforce were not implemented in accordance with Canadian law. TNT only became aware of this problem with federal workers pointing out the various changes in the federal government’s vaccine mandate to cover for executives of federal corporations and agencies making up their own rules.”

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