29 November 2023
CBSA Officer – Patrick Mcnulty- ArriveCAN
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CBSA Officer – Patrick Mcnulty- ArriveCAN

An explosive show featuring Patrick Mcnulty and a message to ALL Canadians. Don’t miss it!



  • Margaret Wolfe 8 September 2022

    Hello Patrick,
    I am an American citizen and I have family in Canada that I have not been able to see in almost three years. I had a hip replacement December 5, 2019, just before the plandemic and that prevented me from coming and then came the shutdown when I was able to travel again. My sister is handicapped and in a wheelchair and in very poor health. My daughter is married to a Canadian citizen and has a lot of family there in Ontario. I won’t take the vaccine and I sure would love to get to see them again. I’m 83 years old and very healthy. It was advised that I get a letter from my naturopathic doctor which I can do. What else is needed for me to be able to visit the beautiful country I have visited so many times in a lot of my years to see my family?

  • Beata 3 September 2022

    Yes we all need to stand up and fight for freedom I admire Patrick he is a hero
    Thank you Patrick ?❤️

  • Brian 28 August 2022

    Canada – China will own you and your children soon. A nation of stupid cucks that will fade into history.

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