4 October 2023
Cristina Bairos Fernandes: A Trusted Candidate for Trustee, Waterloo-Wilmot
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Cristina Bairos Fernandes: A Trusted Candidate for Trustee, Waterloo-Wilmot

An open discussion regarding Constitutional Safety within the Canadian Educational system.



  • Laureen LeClerc 29 October 2022

    I started asking how long before Vaccine Hesitancy becomes vaccine hesitancy disorder, more than a year ago.

    Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson read an email that I sent to her on October 5, 2022 in regards to “Vaccine Hesitancy Disorder”.

    The reason that I started wondering and asking about this is because I had psychiatrist diagnose me as having “anti-mask” overvalued ideas of personal freedoms. After having been drugged and physically restrained using “pain assisted compliance, to a mask on my face, numerous times.

    This was written about me after 10 days held under the mental health act because of rumors spoken and recorded on legal documents, framing me as a crazy covid criminal. My crime, I refused the face covering policy, the face covering practice, the face covering requirement, the face covering protocol and the face covering “safety rule” that Canada Post insists that I must be “willing” to comply with, 2 months after Canada Post sent a Legal Toxic Pesticide to every post office in canada for use on hard surfaces to disinfect. There was no WHMIS info, PPE, training, or advice as to how to properly, and environmentally dispose of the waste from this Emergency Use Authorized, USA approval only toxic to every living organism on earth.

    After being “constructively fired” for refusing to comply, I protested at the elementary school by myself to have the principal/staffs “personal” covid orders rescinded. They had decided that the children would wear masks while playing Soccer outside, because Soccer is a contact sport, and that children would not be able to properly “social distance” while playing.

    Social Distancing is not only an oxymoron it is also a contradiction to human nature and it was what alerted me to the plandemic.

  • Draga 23 October 2022

    We agree with you!
    We are happy to hear that you talk about the topic like this one, because it is really sad that some people didn’t get it, what is going on in the Word today.

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