27 September 2022
The Truth about the CPSO
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The Truth about the CPSO

Today on the Facts & The Fiction- The incredible stories of Dr. Makis, Dr. Luchkiw & Dr. Khan and what happens when you don’t play ball with the medical establishment. These brave doctors chose to stand up for truth and are fighting back. We’ll hear their stories and more as well as get a legal perspective on the corruption within the Canadian Medical Colleges. Also, we are joined by distinguished guests Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Peter McCullough to hear their perspectives on the situation and the similar circumstances they have encountered in the US. In light of the ongoing healthcare crisis, there are important questions that NEED to be answered as they affect the present and future of all Canadians. We are examining the healthcare regulators, their accountability, and their complicity in damaging the healthcare system and putting the lives of Canadian citizens at risk.


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