28 November 2023
The Truth about the CPSO
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The Truth about the CPSO

Today on the Facts & The Fiction- The incredible stories of Dr. Makis, Dr. Luchkiw & Dr. Khan and what happens when you don’t play ball with the medical establishment. These brave doctors chose to stand up for truth and are fighting back. We’ll hear their stories and more as well as get a legal perspective on the corruption within the Canadian Medical Colleges. Also, we are joined by distinguished guests Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Peter McCullough to hear their perspectives on the situation and the similar circumstances they have encountered in the US. In light of the ongoing healthcare crisis, there are important questions that NEED to be answered as they affect the present and future of all Canadians. We are examining the healthcare regulators, their accountability, and their complicity in damaging the healthcare system and putting the lives of Canadian citizens at risk.


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  • James Mccabe 30 September 2022

    Hello I was a hvac specialist, specializing in the isolation rooms . The party line from the hospital for covid did not match real life . I was told to get a refrigerated truck for the bodies . I made 10 more isolation rooms in our covid area. In the beginning before the vaccine was available I tracked the patients, because I did all the maintenance in the rooms . No one died, all the people after 3 to 5 days were covid free and sent home. I held out on the vaccine because how do you build a vaccine for a mutating corona virus? The flew vaccine in the past was only 30% effective. I was put on leave of absence, now fired . The hospital system is not for the health of people. When I talked to the Dr’s they would not differ form the hospital montra . I talked about Ivermectin and the lies being told about it. I would ask why not try ? Our hands are tied . I was FLOORED! I am a huge advocate and will not keep my mouth shut about how deplorable our hospitality system is and the lies we are being told . Main steam media are the drug dealers and the medical system has created the drugs. God save our souls and people wake up to the plan , who would believe it is this big. As of now in the family 4 members have had strokes , and blood clots out of the blue! All are vaccinated and boosted. Only one of them is asking questions, one was told by their Dr not to get anymore vaccine, “ but do not tell anyone I told you that” . Where do we live , not a democracy. #Trudeaumustgo
    Thanks for letting me rant James

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