4 October 2023
Hague Inquiry – Sign the Petition

Hague Inquiry – Fellowship for Freedom – Sign the Petition

Criminal Inquiry Request Form - Please read and sign

For the crimes committed during the Chimerical and orchestrated pandemic. Where there have been multiple situations observed, experienced, and which are still active daily. Let us be the eyes, the hands, and the voice of those who have endured and suffered in silence, in fear, in torture, in death, in suicides as it is, in Nursing Homes and in Indigenous Reserves and others … for all those victims of crimes against humanity in Canada.

(Genocide, ethnocide, slavery, biological weapons, propaganda, stolen territories, sterilization, murder, deportation, victims of permanent side effects etc.… Retaining here, the importance that it is possible for us to obtain justice for these illegal acts, and crimes, committed against living humans and which continues to be perpetrated against humanity in Canada.


Pour les crimes commis lors de la pandémie Chimérique et orchestré. Ou il y a eu des multiples situations, constatées, vécus, et qui sont toujours actives au quotidien. Soyons les yeux, les mains et la voix de ceux qui ont subis, souffert en silence, dans la peur, dans la torture, dans la mort, dans les suicides tel qu’il est dans les CHSLD, dans les réserves autochtones et autres … Pour toutes ces victimes de crime contre l’humanité au Canada. (Génocide, ethnocide, esclave, armes biologiques, propagande, vols de territoires, stérilisation, meurtre, déportation, victimes d’effets secondaires permanents etc… Retenant ici l’importance qu’il nous est possible d’obtenir justice pour ses actes, ses crimes, illégaux commis envers les êtres vivants et furent perpétrés contre l’humanité à ce jour.

Criminal Inquiry Request

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My statement as a living witness

I hereby denounce the voluntary political, media, legal and social inertia in the use of corruption always formalized by reprisals and fear. With the objective of stifling by decrees or abuse of power the right of expression, contrary to the doctrine, from which certain medical aspects (compulsory protocols) leading to murders or harmful effects on health, and this, by the stubborn legal inaction of my country in a media complacency of the programmed propaganda.
This, considering that I am a physical living person defined by persona and therefore, that I should not be considered as a legal, fictitious, or moral person.
Considering that my nature is to be a living person, then I make this declaration so that my testimony in this file is taken in the prerogative to obtain what is right.
Considering that I am a living witness, despite the threats and other subversive aspects, including the use of a so-called medical injection that has multiple effects on my person (persona) and on the other people who have been injected.
Considering the current situation, in this case, I indicate to you that the non-action of the governmental and international authorities has the purpose of hiding and promoting their inertia with their voluntary inaction, expressing genocide, ethnocide and modern slavery.
Considering that it is obvious to note: all this happening on the Canadian territories which were transferred by royal decrees to Canada Inc. Also involving the provinces, the reservations and this, always with the aim of recognizing and denouncing loud and clear genocide, ethnocide and slavery either in the native reservations, or in the CHSLD, and either in the entire Quebec and Canadian population by using various means. Including the use of a synthetic transgenic injection (considered a biotechnical weapon) having various direct or indirect side effects; or in the use of protocols leading people to death or permanent side effects for life in the short, medium, and long term, and this, in several forms. Although the federal, provincial, legislative, executive, and legal government departments are aware of the requests made by the UN and NATO to establish a tribunal on the ongoing genocide.
To undertake what is necessary and thus implement the stop of the genocide: more than two years have passed without these intervening due to corporate interests because they do not want to intervene, and they refuse any filing before the courts! They consciously obstruct politically, legally, etc., to decline any responsibility, which is obvious and identifiable.
Considering the recognition of their genocidal offence from where the establishment of the slave trade, preserved for a long time by the Vatican and the complicity of the governance.
Considering that the answer given by your manager of the above-mentioned file asking us that they are living persons in the facts. Because of your request, I am one of the “living witnesses” … Moreover, knowing that the deceased persons could not offer their mortal remains for a legal autopsy, since this act, by written decision was forbidden to the victims by the authorities set up to hide the real causes of their deaths and this, to avoid being incriminated. Statistically all deaths were counted as Covid.
Considering multiple effects, following the injections falsely called “vaccines”; which according to the description of the manufacturers contain pure nano lipid substances. These so-called adjuvant injections have never been tested on animals and humans; no phase 1, 2, 3 tests with these pure substances and having genetic manipulation properties (DNA insertion, etc.) Canada has participated in the development of this biological weapon with global impact using nano lipid particles and other facts, besides the use of morbid protocols and corruption in many fields of expertise.
Considering other aspects and all the more so that the proposed medical protocols, induce voluntary killings; or having multiple effects linked to the synthetic transgenic injection; or to the treatments as considered in the military lexicon to be a weapon of biological warfare; or having ordered in writing the cessation of care thus condemning the victims to a certain death; or in situations (which are highly damaging in all senses of terminologies against the whole population for example: a person who was having a heart attack: the nursing staff had orders not to reanimate the person and this, following governmental directives received and put in place, etc.)
Considering that we are in a modern war which is disguised and supported by the highest authorities in political and commercial actions to make us believe that they are acting as good Samaritans; whereas in fact, it is indeed a concept defined as a biological weapon of genocide, ethnocide and theft of our ancestral lands. We are then entitled to go beyond the traditional logic, following the abundance of secondary and major effects denounced, distorted and experienced in the complexity of the whole situation as already highlighted.
Considering the loss of our lands, as mentioned in a recent judgment, our lands were grantedto Canada Inc. by royal decrees. As the saying goes: “You’ll have nothing left and you’ll be happy,” hence the game of formal and real threats against the natives; or those who dare to contradict the narrative; and/or people threatened in their actions by making them slaves; or by punitive decrees; or many other pernicious and hidden aspects coming from criminal actions conveyed by a total media hypocrisy strong to serve the lawlessness.

I declare the following: I am a living witness as a persona in the present case which was filed under the heading OTP-CR-435/22 and consider that I have the right to be heard. I request this right to be heard because I was a victim and witness of major crimes perpetrated such as: Genocide, theft of territories, biological warfare, ethnocide of certain groups in their uses, the regime of reprisals, the refusal to accept our legal files to hide the facts, the unmanageable institutional corruption, etc. All this is because in my country everything is done to cover up, alter and modify the criminal acts committed in violation of the principles and good international rights. Also, my country does everything to avoid acting in these voluntary inactions under the guidance of reconciliations for crimes of genocide committed and this, through agreements distorted by the lure of gain discrediting justice. My declaration is transmitted to you to assert the unalterable right that is entrusted to the true human without obstruction to the (living persona…)

In filing herewith, the aforesaid record, made to be of good effect. Pursuant to our request, I request the use of a Nuremberg-type tribunal. And Email of the representative in the present case OTP-CR-435/22, for the follow-up of the said file [email protected]

My Statement as A Living Witness

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This being my statement, I am a stakeholder in said file OTP-CR-435/22. I am signing in front of two living and real persons having the status of persona.
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