5 December 2022
JFK Speech 1961 – Prophecy for 2022?
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JFK Speech 1961 – Prophecy for 2022?

This is an short excerpt of the inaugural address President John F. Kennedy’s gave in 1961.

If we listen carefully with our hearts we should understand that we are the last line of defense for Freedom or it will be gone for the generations to come. There is an intellectual war that is waging and the only way we can protect ourselves is if we are armed for the right fight.

There are tons of resources available that will help you in gaining an understanding of the importance of standing up for the basic human rights and freedoms that those who fought and died before us gave their lives to protect.

It’s a slippery slope. If we give an inch, they WILL take a mile. They will slowly remove everything we know to be true one small interference at a time.

Share this speech with your friends and family in hopes that we can inspire more to stand up and fight along side us!