Massive rally held on Parliament Hill against vaccine mandates for truckers crossing Canada-US border

An excerpt from an article written by Deborah Rankin for the TO Times

“A massive rally took place on Parliament Hill this weekend against vaccine mandates for truck drivers crossing the Canada-US border. What began as a truckers’ convoy 4,500 kilometres away in British Columbia and joined in Ottawa by truckers from Eastern Canada to protest quarantines for unvaccinated truck drivers coming back into Canada from the U.S., morphed into something bigger. Several convoys of trucks, pick-ups and cars from all over Canada descended upon the capital region over the weekend with motorists honking their horns in support of vaccine choice for truck drivers.

“Freedom Convoy 2022”, as the trucker convoy became officially known, was organized by Tamara Lich, a board director of the Maverick Party based in Western Canada. Lich has raised more than $8 million to cover truckers’ costs for the trip although the funds have been temporarily frozen by GoFundMe until documentation can be provided as to how the money is being disbursed.”

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