4 October 2023
Opening Pandora’s Box
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Opening Pandora’s Box

Alan Nicholson & Ronald Marenger are collecting evidence, providing witnesses and documenting crimes against humanity which took place in old folks homes across Canada during the pandemic lockdown. Sign the petition here:


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  • Drew Johnston 22 November 2022

    It is ridiculous to call public health measures in place to protect at risk frail seniors a crime against humanity. This is not Ukraine, Riwanda or any other crime mentioned in Human Rights museum in Winnipeg. Mandates were put in all over world and US still refusing unvaccinated in. Time to move on in life folks.

  • Draga 23 October 2022

    We agree with you!
    We are happy to hear that you talk about the topic like this one, because it is really sad that some people didn’t get it, what is going on in the Word today.

  • Jean Dumoulin 23 October 2022

    How do I sign the petition

  • Tina Greer 5 October 2022

    Is there a petition from SOS Quebec in English? I would like to circulate

  • Shane Imber 2 October 2022

    The use of Remdesivir was criminal. The government knew that the real risk reduction of these so called vaccines were minuscule. The use of the PCR test also was fraudulent and labelled many people falsely with Covid who may have had any Coronavirus.
    Time will tell but lock downs and an unproven vaccine will kill more than the virus.

  • Bonnie Popadynec 1 October 2022

    Won’t let the website to sign the petition

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