25 May 2023
The Canadian Citizens Coalition – The Answer to C11 is C3
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The Canadian Citizens Coalition – The Answer to C11 is C3

Tom Marazzo speaks about The Canadian Truck Convoy, the Dutch Farmers and his newest efforts to unite citizens under the banner of the Canadian Citizens Coalition.


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  • Jim Straughan 5 September 2022

    Well said, I have been thinking along parallel
    lines ,as well as numerous friends ,family and co worker’s that I interact with.
    Our numbers are growing daily as people become better informed.We can and will be the not so silent majority.
    Huge problem is that good people who get their information from legacy media are so misinformed.
    To gain significant traction we need to reach these people.
    To reach these people will take dedication and training on how to get past the mass formation /defensive reaction that occurs when they discuss issues that trigger them.
    One can not have a substantial discussion with someone who is triggered or defensive.

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