The Psychology of Lockdown

The first episode of the new Psychology of Lockdown series produced by Doug McKenty, host of The Shift podcast. 

Doug welcomes back George Roche, the guest on Episode 54 of The Shift, for this series of shorter segments designed to explore the concept of Mystification, and how emotional trauma effects our ability to think clearly and rationally in times of stress. This first episode provides an overview of the concept of Mystification in preparation for individual concepts, following the ideas of psychotherapist John Bradshaw, elucidated in the rest of the series.

The final episode will cover Individuation, which occurs after emotional healing allows for the removal of the mask of mystification. Through this process, we will undertake a psychological path of understanding the reasons why issues like cognitive dissonance and irrational thinking pervade the Psychology of Lockdown, and why so many are triggered when confronted with facts and information contrary to the corporate/government narrative.

For background, you can watch the initial interview with George here:

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