Tragic Interview with Injured Mother & Daughter

Oct.18.2021 Livestream with Constitutional Lawyer Daphne Williamson and Director of Canadian Rights Watch, George Roche.

Tragic story and live interview with Cindy, Mother and personal support worker at Fox Ridge Care Community Nursing Home in Brantford Ontario, who was pressured by her employer to take the shot in order to keep her job. She made it abundantly clear to them that she did not want to take it, but they responded by telling her “just go do it, you’ll be fine”.

She panicked and submitted to taking the shot under duress on Sept. 14, in order to continue being able to support herself and her daughter financially. She received the Moderna shot at 3:30pm and later that night at 12:30am her body started to cramp up and go into convulsions all through the night. Since then, she has been to the hospital 8, had to use an ambulance 3 times, her body constantly jerks which she cannot stop. It may be up to a year before she can see a neurologist.

The very reason she took the shot, actually brought about the very results, that taking it, was meant to prevent. She cant work, can no longer drive (license revoked due to new condition).

  • If you know anyone vaccine injured, Canadian Rights Watch would like you to reach out and share your story at: