‘What order supersedes the other?’ Freedom March pits emergency orders vs. charter rights

An excerpt taken from an article written by Brent Lale For CTV News

“A St. Thomas business is telling protesters in this weekend’s ‘Freedom March’ they are not welcome.

A flyer on social media indicated The Line Canada would hold a rally at the Canada Southern (CASO)Railway Station Saturday morning.

However the CASO Station fought back, derailing the plans.

“We are a private property, any person(s), gatherings or vehicles who do not have authorization by myself or an authorization from the Board of Directors will not be allowed access to any property or buildings on CASO Property,” says Executive Director Larry Longfield.

This has forced a change in plans by the organizers. According to the St. Thomas Police Service (STPS), the rally will now begin at Memorial Arena, and march up the Whistle Stop Trail to Moore Street.

Meanwhile STPS is preparing around-the-clock for the upcoming rally.”

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